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Brendan Spaar watches SouthPark on Comedy Central.
The wait is finally over!  R. Kelly is coming out of the closet!  Well maybe Brendan Spaar should reword that.  New chapters of R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet Hip Hopera are set to debut on IFC November 23rd at 9pm.  Then after the premiere, IFC will be running a marathon all Thanksgiving day of the previous Trapped in the Closet chapters!  IFC is serving up a heaping helping of waffles to go with the viewer's turkey this Thanksgiving.  I kind of like this unusual marathon and would never have guessed IFC to be the venue for it.  This isn't really an independent film because I'm sure that R. Kelly had some big money behind him in making it.  I will be watching the marathon though because all I know of this hip hopera is the one chapter that was released to radio back in 2005.  Click the source for a preview of the latest chapter (23!) and look below for Weird Al Yankovic's parody of the first chapter.


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