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Brendan Spaar loves to listen to new music and now he will do it on Friday
For as long as Brendan Spaar can remember, new music was released on Tuesday.  Each week he would log on to his favorite music website and see which artists had released new music.  Well earlier this year, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (who knew there was such an organization!) decided to change the release date world wide to Fridays so that consumers could buy the new music over the weekend.  In the UK new music was released on Mondays and in the United States it dropped the following day.  Now there is a world wide standard which is probably a good thing.

Does it really matter which day an artist releases their album?  Brendan Spaar would venture to guess that the majority of music listeners today listen to singles off of Spotify and Pandora.  He may be the only one left that actually anticipates a new album and listens to it in its entirety.  Remember those hidden tracks at the end of a CD?  Godsmack's hit song Voodoo was actually a track that appeared after two full minutes of silence following the final track on the album.  If you didn't sit through the silence and listened to the entire album you would have NEVER have even heard this now popular song.  Weird Al Yankovic may have the right idea.  Instead of releasing anymore albums, he has vowed to release his songs digitally as soon as they are finished and skip the single point of release.  The record industry is continuing to insist on a predictable pattern in a world where more and more consumers are listening to music on demand and are not willing to wait.


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