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Brendan J. Spaar has never been to an NFL game
How many of you watched the NFL Super Bowl halftime show last year?  If you, like Brendan Spaar, did then you would have seen M.I.A. give the middle finger (or flip the bird) at a camera during the live performance.  Some have said this is just as bad as Justin Timberlake and the wardrobe malfunction of super bowl past.  The NFL is suing M.I.A. for $1.5 million dollars alleging that she broke her contract by tarnishing the leagues good image and reputation.  M.I.A. believes that the dancers that Madonna hired for her show were dancing in a sexually provacative manner and were not fined.  The singer asks in a YouTube video why her finger is worse than a bunch of high school girls striking a sexually provacative pose.  Her lawyer, Howard King, is encouraging fans to send the NFL examples of how its players, coaches, and staff have damaged or destroyed the NFL's good image.  Does anyone remember Michael Vick or Aaron Hernandez?  They may have done more damage to the image than a simple gesture of a finger ever could.


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