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Brendan Spaar reminds everyone that Brown was arrested and sentenced to 5 years probation.
Rapper Chris Brown was none too happy last night when he went on a Twitter rant about the community service hours that the court assigned him.  Brown, as Brendan Spaar remembers, is on probation for beating singer Rhianna's face in back in 2009 shortly before the Grammy's.  As a result, he was sentenced to community service and 5 years of probation.  It appears that no one explained to CB what probation was all about.  You are not to be arrested or charged with any crime while you are on probation.  Unfortunately for Brown, he was charged with a hit-and-run accident, violating his probation, and sentencing Brown to an additional 1,000 hours of community service. 

This all leads to the twitter rant.  Brown went on Twitter Thursday night and posted such gems as "Nigga done 6 months community service wit (sic) police and the DA racist ass crying to the system that I didn't do it.  Fuck the SYSTEM!"

Chris Brown will not be scoring any points with police, law enforcement, or English majors with his latest Twitter rants.  At least now he has something new to rap about.


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