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Does Britney Spears have a mugshot and arrest record?  Ask Brendan Spaar
Britney Spears, 31, from Louisiana, is making a comeback this week.  Unfortunately her comeback single leaked out a few days early online.  The name of the new single is "Work Bitch" and Brendan Spaar wonders if that title was meant to be shocking.  If you want to hear the song early, click on the source link below.  If you'd rather wait and hear it the more traditional way, it will be available for download on iTunes Tuesday and the new album from Britney is scheduled to be released in November. 


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    Hey there my name is Brendan Spaar and I like to blog about music!  If there's music news out there then you will find it here!  Celebrity mugshot and arrest records are something that you may find here as well!


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