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Brendan Spaar does not support the internet radio fairness act
If you didn't already know, corporations lobby Congress to pass laws that benefit them.  There is real money involved in courting legislators and it has never been more aparant as in the case of the Internet Radio Fairness Act.  Internet radio companies such as Pandora have lobbied Congress to draft legislation which would reduce the royalties paid to musicians each time their song is played online.  The country has enough problems on its hand and instead of tackling the real issues, Congress is earning its fat cat reputation by putting this Act to a vote.  The opposition includes some rather large names such as Katy Perry, Sheryl Crow, Rihanna, Pink Floyd, Blondie, Bill Joel, Amy Grant, Megadeth, CeeLo Green, Ted Nugent and the Dead Kennedys.  Brendan Spaar does not believe that the government should regulate the amount of money a website pays to the artist.  This should be negotiated between the artist's label and the website.  If a compromise cannot be reached then pull the artist from the website.  It's as simple as that.


Brendan Spaar wants you to watch how you dance.  You could polka someone's eye out!
While everyone in America is clawing each other's faces off to get the best bargains (ok 10% off of already crappy electronics), some people are flocking to their local record stores to pick up some music.  That's right, today, Black Friday, is also Record Store Day.  Many artists have released special albums (many on vinyl) to celebrate this day.  Some of those artists include Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, John Mayer, David Bowie, Gaslight Anthem, Band of Horses, Captain Beefheart, Gene Clark, Coheed and Cambria, the Grateful Dead, Merle Haggard, Mayer Hawthorne, Lee Hazelwood, Wanda Jackson, Jellyfish, Mad Season, Mogwai, the Fat Boys and Teddy Thompson.  Brendan Spaar may be picking up the 7-inch vinyl single of This Christmas by Cee Lo Green and Donny HathawayTo find out which record store near you is participating in Record Store Day, click on the link below.


Brendan Spaar is a huge Rhianna fan.
Did anyone out there see Rhianna on SNL over the weekend?  Brendan Spaar is a huge Rhianna fan but was a little disappointed with her performance on NBC's hit comedy show.  The use of flashy graphics and a green screen overshadowed her performance and was quite frankly a little distracting.  Rhianna has an amazing voice overall but it wasn't the focus and the highlight of the performance.  What ever happened to the singer and a microphone setup?  Has music really devolved to the point that if there aren't flashy graphics people will lose interest?  I blame the internet for the dumbing down of society.  If people don't have something shiny to watch, they will divert their attention to their phones or something else, even during a musical performance.  So my advice to Rhianna is to go back to the basics and lose the flasy graphics.


Life isn't all rosey when you're a celebrity.  Cee Lo Green, real name Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, has been accused of the unthinkable!  A woman is claiming that the Gnarls Barkley singer from Atlanta who now judges on The Voice sexually assaulted her at a Los Angeles area restaurant.  Of course Cee Lo is denying it and this seems like it is giong to turn into a "he said, she said" ordeal.  Brendan Spaar was a fan of Gnarls Barkley and also Dange Mouse, a DJ that Green has collaborated with in the past.  Apparently the woman did not work at the restaurant.  According to the documents filed with LAPD police officers, the woman was the date of Cee Lo Green.  I'm sure that Cee Lo is singing his hit song "Forget You" everytime he thinks about this woman. 



    Hey there my name is Brendan Spaar and I like to blog about music!  If there's music news out there then you will find it here!  Celebrity mugshot and arrest records are something that you may find here as well!


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