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Adele's next album may be nursery rhymes and not about heartbreak.  Rumor has it that Adele and her boyfriend Simon Konecki have had a baby boy on Friday.  The singer's official webpage and Twitter feed have been silent so all Brendan Spaar can go by are online reports.  One thing is for certain, this unnamed baby that Adele has given birth to is destined for great things.  I wonder how long it will be until we see him on a reality show like American Idol, X-Factor, or The Voice. 


Brendan Spaar watches SouthPark on Comedy Central.
The wait is finally over!  R. Kelly is coming out of the closet!  Well maybe Brendan Spaar should reword that.  New chapters of R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet Hip Hopera are set to debut on IFC November 23rd at 9pm.  Then after the premiere, IFC will be running a marathon all Thanksgiving day of the previous Trapped in the Closet chapters!  IFC is serving up a heaping helping of waffles to go with the viewer's turkey this Thanksgiving.  I kind of like this unusual marathon and would never have guessed IFC to be the venue for it.  This isn't really an independent film because I'm sure that R. Kelly had some big money behind him in making it.  I will be watching the marathon though because all I know of this hip hopera is the one chapter that was released to radio back in 2005.  Click the source for a preview of the latest chapter (23!) and look below for Weird Al Yankovic's parody of the first chapter.


Brendan Spaar wonders if the Insane Clown Posse's lawyers wear makeup to court.
Brendan Spaar wonders if the Insane Clown Posse's lawyers wear makeup to court.
We are all about diverse music here at the Brendan Spaar Music Blog.  Today's post is all about those Wicked Clowns known as the Insane Clown Posse. Daniel Tosh has featured the rap duo of Violent J and Shaggy Two Dope on his Tosh.0 show last season.  Their fans, usually teenagers, refer to themselves as Juggalos.  There is another name for a fan of the Insane Clown Posse according to the FBI: gang banger.  This all comes from a national report on gangs released in 2011 that listed Juggalos as a type of gang because they "gang-like behaviour" and commit crimes and violence.  The band filed a freedom of information claim asking why Juggalos were included in the report and of course the FBI failed to respond.  Now the Insane Clowns' lawyers are suing to get the documents. 

Not likely.  By now Brendan Spaar is sure that everyone has heard of the "feud" between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey during the filming of auditions for American Idol.  If you haven't heard, Nicki blew up at Mariah during the auditions in Charolette, NC. saying:

“I told them I'm not f*ckin' putting up with her f**kin' highness over there," “I'm gonna knock you out."

Now a lot of people are saying that Nicki might get "fired" from the show.  Others are questioning whether Mariah will have Minaj charged for threatening her.  The only thing that's on fire is interest in American Idol and that's just the way the producers want it.   This fight has been great for the show and I'm sure they want more of it.  Afterall, this is reality TV where nothing is real.  If this really happened where you work, you would be fired in a moment.  That may be why people think that Minaj is in danger of losing her job.  What no one realizes is that her job is to fight with Mariah and to be as obnoxious as possible.  That is why they hired the obnoxious diva in the first place!  At this rate, we'll see some hair pulling and water throwing when the show returns to FOX in January.  The real question remains:  Is reality television harmful to society?

It's not every night that David Letterman has game changing inventors on his show so when Brendan Spaar heard that Neal Young was on the show pitching new music technology, he had to check it out.  Young took the opportunity of his appearance on the show to talk about his new high fidelity audio service called Pono (which I found out is not the same as the high fidelity adult video service called Porno).  The goal of this service is to offer consumers digital access to as pure of an audio recording as possible.  This is great news because the quality of digital recording varies so much between providors.  Apple has only recently started offering lossless quality which means if you purchased any MP3s prior to 2011 then you have compressed audio in your library.  If Neil Young's project is successful, all audio will be presented in the way that it was recorded.  So far all of the major record labels are interested so we will have to wait and see if this idea takes off.



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