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Brendan J. Spaar has never been to an NFL game
How many of you watched the NFL Super Bowl halftime show last year?  If you, like Brendan Spaar, did then you would have seen M.I.A. give the middle finger (or flip the bird) at a camera during the live performance.  Some have said this is just as bad as Justin Timberlake and the wardrobe malfunction of super bowl past.  The NFL is suing M.I.A. for $1.5 million dollars alleging that she broke her contract by tarnishing the leagues good image and reputation.  M.I.A. believes that the dancers that Madonna hired for her show were dancing in a sexually provacative manner and were not fined.  The singer asks in a YouTube video why her finger is worse than a bunch of high school girls striking a sexually provacative pose.  Her lawyer, Howard King, is encouraging fans to send the NFL examples of how its players, coaches, and staff have damaged or destroyed the NFL's good image.  Does anyone remember Michael Vick or Aaron Hernandez?  They may have done more damage to the image than a simple gesture of a finger ever could.


Brendan Spaar is a fan of Selena Gomez
Pop star Selena Gomez was all set to play Russia when she found out this week that her visa request has been denied.  I guess VISA is everywhere you want to be as long as you don't want to be in Russia.  Brendan Spaar just made a joke.  Selena Gomez is known for supporting gay rights leading some to believe that Russian authorities have banned her from the country under their new contraversial law banning "propaganda on nontraditional sexual relationships."  John Becker wrote this on the LGBTQ (wtf is Q??) blog "The Russian government is clearly on edge and aware of the bruising its reputation has taken in the wake of their anti-LGBT crackdown."


Brendan Spaar blogs about topless miley cyrus photos
In an effort to keep her name in the news, Miley Cyrus will once again steam things up when her new album comes out later this year.  The album, called Bangerz, will feature her sex charged song Wrecking Ball where, if you've seen the music video, she gets rather intimate with construction equipment.  Brendan Spaar discovered that her new album cover will feature a stripped down Miley Cyrus nearly nude.  Do you think Miley Cyrus has daddy issues?


Does Britney Spears have a mugshot and arrest record?  Ask Brendan Spaar
Britney Spears, 31, from Louisiana, is making a comeback this week.  Unfortunately her comeback single leaked out a few days early online.  The name of the new single is "Work Bitch" and Brendan Spaar wonders if that title was meant to be shocking.  If you want to hear the song early, click on the source link below.  If you'd rather wait and hear it the more traditional way, it will be available for download on iTunes Tuesday and the new album from Britney is scheduled to be released in November. 


Brendan Spaar has never been married to a mugshot
One thing the Westboro Baptist Church protesters count on is that the people that they are protesting will simply ignore them.  Vince Gill did no such thing.  Instead, the country music singer walked outside of a venue in Kansas City Missouri and confronted several protesters saying "I wanted to see what hate looked like."  The protesters are upset that Vince Gill got remarried to Amy Grant after his divorce.  One member of the church said that they had a problem with Vince being married to another man's wife.  Brendan Spaar does not understand the problem with divorce.  While there may be no reasoning with the Westboro Baptist Church, at least Vince Gill took a stand and confronted them.


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