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Are you a fan of Whitney Houston?  How about Celine Dion, Usher, or Jennifer Hudson?  If you said yes to any of those names then you might want to tune in to the Whitney Houston tribute concert, coming soon to a Television near you.  The special, titled We Will Always Love you, airs November 16th at 10PM on CBS will feature Dion, Usher, and Hudson among other acts paying tribute to the late great Whitney Houston.  Brendan Spaar enjoyed the music of Whitney Houston and will either watch this special live or record it on his DVR. 

There is also a Whitney Houston reality show coming soon to Lifetime called The Houstons: Out on our Own.  The show will follow her daughter Bobbi Kristina, sister-in-law Pat, brother Gary, mother Cissy and family friend Nick Gordon as they go about their life

It looks like this is going to be the year of the Reality Singing Show Reboot.  First X-Factor announced new judges, then The Voice says they're done with C-Lo and X-Tina and now American Idol is saying they've picked up Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban.  Brendan Spaar wonders if this new panel isn't a move to mimic the demographics of The Voice.  You have a pop "star" (Nicki Minaj), a country star (Keith Urban) and a R&B "star" (Randy Jackson).  It seems to work on the voice.  It remains to be seen if this same formula will inject some life back into the rather boring and predictable American Idol show when it returns next January.

Another day, another celebrity arrest to repot.  What makes this story interesting isn't that Fiona Apple was busted for possessing marijuana, it's that she was arrested in Sierra Blanca, Texas, the same town that charged Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg with similar crimes.  The town only has about 500 people so they have to find other ways to generate revenue.  Brendan Spaar has some advice for celebrities driving through Texas:  Don't stop or b

If you thought there was a lot of shuffling going on in the Reality Singing Show world then this story is going to fit right in.  The hit singing competition, The Voice, not to be outdone by the X-Factor and Idol refreshing their judges is replacing C-LO Green and Christina Agulara next season.  Now the show is saying that they are only being temporarily replaced because of commitments that the artists have outside of the show.  The other judges are staying in the lazy Susan chairs for the time being.  So Brendan Spaar has a question for you:  Is the show toying with new judges with an out in case it doesn't work or are C-LO and Christina actually the only judges on the show with day jobs? 
Have you been watching America's Got Talent this year?  I started watching back in April and have picked my favorite.  Ever since Brendan Spaar first saw them he was impressed with David Garibaldi and his CMYK's.  This act combines art with music and I think it is highly appropriate for a Vegas show.  They could even sell or auction the artwork after the show so that rich people can take home a piece of what they saw created.  I have always been a fan of taking the show with you.  Rock concerts need to offer up the live recording for download within a week or so to concert goers that shell out a few extra dollars.  I would gladly pay $20 to have a sound board quality recording of the concert that I went to. 

So I tihnk David Garibaldi is the one to watch tonight.  The only other act that comes close (literally) is William Close and his Earth Harp.  This act reminds me a lot of The Blue Man Group only with a giant harp instead of drums and percussion.  It could be a toss-up between the two Davids tonight.

Then there's the Untouchables.  Call me cold hearted but I don't believe these children belong in the finals.  The boys and girls combined dance group is talented but I'm not sure anyone would pay to see them in Vegas.  It is kind of like paying to see other people's kids do impressive things.  You would pay to see your child do something incredible but wouldn't always pay to see someone else's.  Did you know that the dance group almost got kicked out of their hotel for being loud and obnoxious?  Yeah that's what you can expect from them on tonight's show.

Well this is a little scary.  Apparently Miley Cyrus has her share of stalkers.  This time someone tried to break into her Los Angeles home.  Brendan Spaar remembers when a stalker tried the same thing at Miley's Savannah Georgia home.  Celebrities are no stranger to stalkers but this is rediculous. 

Reports indicate that a man carrying a pair of scissors tried to enter the singer/actress's Los Angeles home and was arrested. Luckily, Cyrus wasn't around at the time.  The lieutenant said that charges have not yet been filed.

Alleged Miley Cyrus Stalker Charged
Miley Cyrus avoids intruder scare (Los Angeles)

Forbes magazine has ranked hip hop artists by the amount of money they bring in each year.  Brendan Spaar is not really a fan of hip hop music. The top earners this year are:

1. Dr. Dre - $110 million
2. P. Diddy Puffy Daddy Combs - $45 million
3. Jay-Z - $38 million
4. Kanye West - $35 million
5. Lil Wayne - $27 million
6. Drake - $20.5 million
7. Bryan "Birdman" Williams - $20 million
8. Nicki Minaj - $15.5 million

Country singer and American Idol Kellie Pickler went on Good Morning America to shave her head for a great cause.  While some of her fans may not recognize her without her goldie locks, I'm sure that cancer survivors everywhere are proud of her taking this stand.  Brendan Spaar hopes that a cure for cancer is found and supports Kellie Pickler.

Now this is just plain weird.  Bruce Willis recently found out that he doesn't actually own the thousands of dollars worth of mp3s that he "purchased" from Apple.  He was only purchasing the privilege to listen to them until you mess up and lose access to the library.  Then you have to purchase said privilege all over again.  This presents a small problem for people like Bruce that want to pass their music down to their children.  He's suing to have perminant physical access to the music that he purchased.  Good luck with that Bruce.  Talk to any number of Apple users that have lost their Apple devices or had them hijacked only to have to repurchase all of their music all over again.  I wonder what Bruce is going to do when he realizes that the software he buys isn't technically his either. 


Brendan Spaar recommends buying physical records or CDs if you want to pass something tangible on to your children.
After 11 seasons, Randy Jackson is stepping down as a judge on American Idol.  I think this show has lost its appeal and in the social media (Facebook) age, has greater competition from YouTube.  Artists don't need to go on shows like this to get famous.  Look at Justin Beiber.  When he was just a boy in high school he made a YouTube video, got discovered by Usher and the rest is history.



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