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Have you been watching America's Got Talent this year?  I started watching back in April and have picked my favorite.  Ever since Brendan Spaar first saw them he was impressed with David Garibaldi and his CMYK's.  This act combines art with music and I think it is highly appropriate for a Vegas show.  They could even sell or auction the artwork after the show so that rich people can take home a piece of what they saw created.  I have always been a fan of taking the show with you.  Rock concerts need to offer up the live recording for download within a week or so to concert goers that shell out a few extra dollars.  I would gladly pay $20 to have a sound board quality recording of the concert that I went to. 

So I tihnk David Garibaldi is the one to watch tonight.  The only other act that comes close (literally) is William Close and his Earth Harp.  This act reminds me a lot of The Blue Man Group only with a giant harp instead of drums and percussion.  It could be a toss-up between the two Davids tonight.

Then there's the Untouchables.  Call me cold hearted but I don't believe these children belong in the finals.  The boys and girls combined dance group is talented but I'm not sure anyone would pay to see them in Vegas.  It is kind of like paying to see other people's kids do impressive things.  You would pay to see your child do something incredible but wouldn't always pay to see someone else's.  Did you know that the dance group almost got kicked out of their hotel for being loud and obnoxious?  Yeah that's what you can expect from them on tonight's show.


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